Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday - Portrait

This picture was taken on an island right of the cruise ship. I thought it looked like a portrait like picture.

This is my sister's self portrait. She looks most like her personality in this picture.

I felt this was a very natural portrait of Aubree.
This is of course my cubical neighbor. This may be the only picture anyone will have of him with his glasses.

Tuesday - Macro

Here is a picture I took a few years ago while on a beach. I just happened to see this little fellow walking around and thought he would make a great photo.

I took this photo while in a butterfly conservatory. I love to watch butterflies. They are pretty amazing and some a very pretty.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday - Landspacing

Here are two landscapes that I took a picture of at school. I attend Ivy Tech Community College off of Fall Creek and Meridian. I thought these floral layouts looked very nice.

This photo was not taken this week, but about a month ago while I was on vacation at Kelly's Island in the Great Lakes.
I thought it was a very nice lighthouse. I took this photo from the ferry.

This picture was taken while on vacation also. It is a picture of a very large rock formation caused from ice sliding through it. And this is what was formed. Pretty fascinating.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


I was telling Beth today about how I was trying to start a Thomas Kinkade collection for my living room. I currently have some replicas of his painting on my wall and about a month or two ago I found this at a garage sale. It is a ceramic cottage. I really love it and would like to star collecting more. So if anyone happens to run across any please let me know.
I have decided to try and post a new random picture everyday or every couple of days and post a small desciption of it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


About 2 - 3 years ago my whole life changed. I got married and gained two children through my husband and I was also expecting a baby. So I gained 3 kids in less than six months. My oldest is almost 15. He is definitely a teenager. It isn't to bad for me though since I am only 24 and just recently came out of those years. The one thing that I don't get is that he is a boy. I have a hard enough time trying to understand how men think or the things that go through their minds. And now I have a teenage male who doesn't yet even understand himself. How in the hell should I know why he does some of the things he does or the problems he faces? Then there is the 8 year. She is in the stage where she thinks she knows it all. She acts like a teenager sometimes with her attitude, but yet still wants to be the baby. It is great to see her be able to do or try out new things. We have been getting her into different sports to see which ones she will enjoy. She just starting second grade and finally she seems to be enjoying school. She kind of worried me for the past two years, because she wasn't really liking going to school and she was having attention issues there. She seem to get in trouble quite a bit for talking or being disrespectful to others. She seems to be doing great now though. The baby of the house just turned two and she has been progressing great with her developmental skills. She is my one and only natural child. And she is my world. People always talk about how terrible the twos can be, but I never hear how funny and cute they can be at this age. Everyday she has a new word or idea about something and never hesitates on anything. She doesn't seem to be scared of anything.

I love being a mother. I know that I can handle anything that may come. I don't really know what I would do without my kids.
They are my world.