Quote of the Day

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday - Portrait

This picture was taken on an island right of the cruise ship. I thought it looked like a portrait like picture.

This is my sister's self portrait. She looks most like her personality in this picture.

I felt this was a very natural portrait of Aubree.
This is of course my cubical neighbor. This may be the only picture anyone will have of him with his glasses.

Tuesday - Macro

Here is a picture I took a few years ago while on a beach. I just happened to see this little fellow walking around and thought he would make a great photo.

I took this photo while in a butterfly conservatory. I love to watch butterflies. They are pretty amazing and some a very pretty.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday - Landspacing

Here are two landscapes that I took a picture of at school. I attend Ivy Tech Community College off of Fall Creek and Meridian. I thought these floral layouts looked very nice.

This photo was not taken this week, but about a month ago while I was on vacation at Kelly's Island in the Great Lakes.
I thought it was a very nice lighthouse. I took this photo from the ferry.

This picture was taken while on vacation also. It is a picture of a very large rock formation caused from ice sliding through it. And this is what was formed. Pretty fascinating.