Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday - Portrait

This picture was taken on an island right of the cruise ship. I thought it looked like a portrait like picture.

This is my sister's self portrait. She looks most like her personality in this picture.

I felt this was a very natural portrait of Aubree.
This is of course my cubical neighbor. This may be the only picture anyone will have of him with his glasses.


Beth Carter said...

Nice pics Shawn. I think you are right that might be the only picture we get of Greggie in his glasses. I have kind of gotten use to them.

the country life said...

OMG...And your camera still works. I thought it would have broke after that shot. Nice picture of your sister, interesting how you worked your own self portrait into the background. Clever girl.

Steph said...

Great picture of Aubree! I would have voted for her at the freak'n fair!